Yamaha R6 issue

  • Hello, when i add "Yamaha R6" mod to my exile server.... been waiting for that one :) just added to A3 last changelog,
    but doing so, (my mod parameter is mods = @Yamaha_R6; ... ) it then knocks my server off of A3 launcher, just like before it was added, and its installed on my server, and works, and is showing on normal steam launcher, am i doing something wrong? i have only 10 mods on my server making Yamaha R6 the 11th.... can you help me maca or staff?

    Left mod installed for 3 hours, then removed it as people who use A3 were unable to connect to server :/

  • No Reply ! waited for a reply, got none, uninstalled :/

    Oh snap! unknown mods - @YamahaR6

    Oh snap! unknown mods - @Yamaha_R6

    No matter what i do, it's a no show, even after the change log saying it would be allowed, not cool maca.

    ..... Play Exile on a cool server ......