Launcher won't keep the right mod order

  • I've been getting the launcher to use the right mod load order by going to the check server page and having it check each of my servers, but it reverts to a bad mod load order again within an hour or two. Even when people are logged in most of the day it still keeps reverting to a bad mod loading order. Always puts epoch first. It's really hard to keep a playerbase when the mod load order keeps reverting to something bad.

    Servers: overwatch/epoch namalsk/overwatch/epoch taviana/overwatch/epoch overwatch/epoch

    The one I'm having the most trouble with is Namalsk.
    Would be great if you could just finally hard code it to launch epoch last always. It always has to be the last mod loaded regardless.

  • It's gotten to the point where I have to use the server check page every hour or so now to keep the mods loading in the right order, or at least close to the right order.

    Seriously please fix this, I'm spending almost $100 a month on sponsoring (for almost 2 years now) and if I can't get this to launch right, I'm not going to be able to keep throwing money away on this.