Administrative rights? yeah... nope

  • Ok, so. I think that A3Launcher is an ok tool considering that without it, servers wouldnt be populated since the normal Workshop integration of mods with Arma3 isnt that good, but at least we are getting there with the new Arma Launcher. Hopefuly this means that well soon be able to use the Arma launcher exclusively.
    But for as long as i have to use this here, please tell me why exactly this tool needs Administrative rights!? I feel kind of lost here since i really dont want to give any untrusted piece of software admin rights on my PC. You can tell me all you want that its not malicious but you see, i dont trust you nor will i ever for as long as you dont have an EULA in which you obligate yourself to keeping away from my PC. I would even more start to trust you if youd remove the need for admin rights from A3Launcher. Anything that you need to do, can be done without them.

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    If you don't trust the software that millions of players use without issue, why have you signed up to a website on the internet?

  • In order to ask you guys to enhance your software and make it more trustworthy, maybe? Youre support but still go to sarcasm here. Wow.

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    Millions of end users use this without any issues, the elevation is required to enable some features from Steam and Arma 3 to talk to each other.

    It's not going to access anything it shouldn't

  • I just registered to tell you what an extremely stupid attitude that is. Running Software with admin privileges, especially when it connects to the internet, is plain stupidity and greatly increases both the attack surface as well as the potential damage an attacker can do. It's not what you think your software will do, it's what an attacker can do with a bug.
    If you can give a legal guarantee that your software will never do something malicious, do so.
    You are not.
    We both know why.
    This is nothing but lazy programming. Uninstalling now, have a nice day.

  • Oh and signing up to a website is a completely_different thing from running code on my machine. If you honestly don't understand the difference, you may be in the wrong business.

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    anyone is more than welcome to look over the code using widely available c# de-compilers such as

    Regarding the EULA, its something I will look in the near future. These launchers started as a hobby to make arma easier to deal with for novices, so EULA's is something I have never even considered.

    And admin privileges, this has always been a sore point for me, the reason it originally needed is players seem to put mods is some very strange places, making it problematic for an application without raised privileges to access.