A3 Launcher First connection does not work

  • Hi,

    i have this issue:

    Logging on the server from the A3Launcher does not work the first time (stuck on loading screen).

    However the player can log into the server from the server browser (in game).

    After this first connection, logging from A3Launcher works.

    After the server restart, the issue is back or not..

    My server :

    [FR] BABYLONE EXILE TANOA|Day Only|Admins|Crash Helico|Zombies|

    To resume, sometimes it works from A3 Launcher, sometimes it does not.. 😦

    a3launcher does not connect the client to the server

    all ports are open, i disabled firewall

    (Edit: It works from official Arma 3 launcher).

  • To resume, A3Launcher does not prefetch mission PBO from my server.