Dissapearing items from my vehicle

  • Hi, i just bought a Qilin car and ive been storing some stuff in it and all has been good. Until just now when i bought a codelock and a flagplot and put em in my car and when i get to my base, they're gone. Now iknow for a fact that i didn't place them on the ground instead of the car because when i got to my base location i opened the cars inventory up once before i went chopping wood and they were there by then. But as soon as i got back and went to pickup the flag and place it then it was just gone along with the codelock. Sure someone might have stolen it while the car was unlocked but it only was for a few sec and there was no one nearby, perhaps beneath the car but i doubt it because i would probably have seen them while taking the stuff in that case.
    Now as a freshspawn with no base, 10K is quite alot.

    Also when i was returning back to the trader zone i picked up a few weapons on the way and they were also gone once i arrived in the trader zone.

    PS. ALL my other stuff were still in the car, only the codelock, flag plot and the weapons i picked up were gone.

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