Error Mod Over Flow list

  • @maca134 @Maca431. I Didnt change anything on my server and all of a sudden A3 Launcher has dropped my server from the list with this error!0_1507415575477_Screenshot_12.png

    Had no problems for the last 6 months and now all of a sudden there are too many mods??? What gives?

  • I'm having the same issue. I have never seen this. I actually used to run more mods than I do with no issues. I haven't made any changes either. I updated RHS mods due to the update, but that's it. I also had "too many keys" error once, but wasn't able to duplicate it with the too many mods thing popping up. I tried to remove all mods that are loading, but I still got the same error. No mods should have been detected at all. Anyone know what this is about?

  • I think all servers are having this same issue

  • administrators

    This has been fixed